Selma | A Short Film by Mohamed Ben Attia

vor 5 Jahren
After the loss of her taxi-driver husband, Selma decides to become master of her own life by taking over his taxi. She comes up against the Kafkaesque procedures of Tunisian bureaucracy and the offhandedness of the insurance industry, but refuses to let go and is not intimidated by anything. With quiet determination, she also faces the conservatism of her in-laws who, under the pretext of morality, continue to dictate the way she should behave. In order to create a better future for her daughter but also for herself, Selma is locked in a daily struggle with the world around her.


Director: Mohamed Ben Attia
Screenplay: Mohamed Ben Attia
Producers: Dora Bouchoucha, Imed Marzouk
Cast: Nejma Zeghidi, Rafiaa Boutekkine Belhoute, Asma Fallah
Year: 2014