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Egide Plourde video reeanctment witness statement. He died after the bermuda police released him.

Peter Sagos Ottawa
Bermuda Police Service - Video Re-enactment of the man they forced on camera to frame Peter Sagos.

The Late Mr. Egide Plourde Police Reenactment Interrogation/Witness Statement on December 22, 2009. DC 2171 Ryan Leera and DS 2041 Kirley Mitchell of the Bermuda Police Service conducting. 27:25 Minute mark is where the focus to frame Peter Sagos begins. This happened on the 78th days after my illegal arrest. All illegal in any jurisdiction, but bermuda buys dirty lawyers and judges because they are all corrupt. This proves that bermuda is a gangster and felonious state. This case isn't about drugs or money, it's about multiple kidnappings, a murder, a framing, the cover up and the Canadian government/police violating a citizens rights/freedoms for more then 8 years and still counting...

The Canadian authorities refuse to face the facts. Rory Field and his supporting dogs in bermuda and Canada are criminals, kidnappers and murderers!

It's unfortunate that Canadian police enforcement agencies did not go to bermurder for the facts in this "case". You import, you better make sure it's a real case!!!!!

The website where this video is showcased, plus the transcript for this interview is at:

Released May 29, 2018 by the CBC.
Foreign minister too often left in dark about overseas torture cases, says auditor.

The Canadian governments approach to these human rights violations... Lesson learn approach... This already happened in bermuda in the late 90's of a kidnapping, rape and murder of a Canadian woman. How many times does this need to happen CANADA?????

The rcmp, csis and the Canadian government already knew that bermuda is run by corrupt individuals, but the Canadian government does not work for their citizens internationally...

Here is a documentary on the Rebbecca Middleton Murder.

Here is more information on Rebbecca Middleton.

Released on June 20, 2018 - csis receives new orders... csis has been working against Canadian Citizens since 2006. Why did pm harper agree to do this back in 2006?


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