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Trudeau and his lies on human rights. Hypocrisy

Peter Sagos Ottawa
Released on August 8, 2018.

Trudeau takes the podium after a very long "summer vacation" to discuss how someone in government tweeted about human rights and directed it to SA.

I am deeply offended on how this "PM" can make statements like this while his government is trying to destroy me!Trudeau knew about me before he became PM. I have the link proving this and the paperwork! Now obviously he can deny... As a Realtor I get to meet a lot of people, mostly they do not come to me other then RE related issues, but some come to meet me for the other reason. I have met federal judges – provincial judges, government lawyers, MP's, house of common support staff, senate support staff, you name it...These people know or have heard about me because of the close door discussions that they do in the course of their day. I would like to disclose that in the course of my interaction with ever person that I have met in a government position, we never spoke about anything other than real estate topics. I never asked for any help or information and nobody offered anything - This is a declaration to the criminals pretending to defend our country, csis/rcmp.

Freedom of expression and free speech is a myth in Canada. It does not exist...I have the proof how bermuda, michael edelson and the ottawa police service are illegally moving on me and this has been happening for almost a decade now.

Corruption at the highest levels. What Canada doesn't like is free speech that does not fit their model. Whatever that could be...

CBC News : Trudeau rebuffs Saudi call for an apology as diplomatic spat escalates



Quote from Global Affairs Canada. August 6, 2018
"Canada will always stand up for the protection of human rights, including woman's rights and freedoms of expression around the world. We will never hesitate to promote these values and we believe that this dialogue is critical to international diplomacy. Canada will continue to advocate for human rights and for the brave woman and men who push for these fundamental rights around the world".

This statement does not include Canadian Citizens living in Canada!

Released on June 20, 2018 - csis receives new orders... csis has been working against Canadian Citizens since 2006.

Trudeau statement as A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian!


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