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Ice Climbing World Cup Results, Bouldering in Mexico | EpicTV Climbing Daily, Ep. 216

EpicTV Climbing
EpicTV Climbing

We look at the latest from the UIAA Ice Climbing Championships in Champagny-en-Vanoise.

The winners were Nikolay Kuzovlev (Lead - Men), Maria Tolokonina (Lead - Women)l Vladimir Kartashev (Men - Speed) and Julia Oleynikova (Women - Speed)

The standings in the lead:

Women Lead:
1. Maria Tolokonina (312 points)
2. Julia Oleynikova (310 points)
3. Shin WoonSeon (300)

Men Lead:
1. Park Hee Yong (325 points)
1. Maxim Tomilov (325 points)
3. Alexey Tomilov (257 points)

For full details go to:

We also check out the latest from Jimmy Webb, Daniel Woods and Paul Robinson, as they are down in Mexico filming for an EpicTV series, and we caught up the guys to find out how they were getting on.

And we show you the latest teaser from a crew who are going to show you the best of ice climbing in Canada, Sub Zero. Stay tuned for the series.

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