(taoyakaibs)kawaraban Lessons learned from history ① Lessons learned from the failure of Oda Nobunaga

  • 6 年前
Oda Nobunaga is the loser who does not suit the loser most in history.
I do not see opportunities many times in my life. When I thought it was a chance,
Whether you can draw it or not determines the person's lifetime.
Most people convince themselves by thinking of excuses and can not take a risky path.
But Nobunaga stepped forward without hesitation if he judged it as a game
It is possible to be aware of Honnō-ji incident, but do not do the foundation for cheerful thoughts with strong suspicion
It is believed that the shortcomings of Nobunaga lack.
Also, it is one of the features of Nobunaga that is betrayed often, even Koraku alone, Ashikaga Yoshiaki, Asai Changami, etc.
Those who once belonged to Nobunaga are rebounding one after another.
Wonder how important it is to think things carefully, learn from failure,
Nobunaga seems to teach us.
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