Donner Pass Snow Sheds 4 wheeling through the abandoned sheds

  • 6 years ago
See link at bottom. Video shot going from the East end of the old Union Pacific snow sheds that crossed Donner Summit. This route was replaced by a tunnel called The Big Hole that eliminated this route.This video was taken in August, there was still a lot of running water and huge deep puddles inside some of the snow sheds and tunnels. I had my Jeep in 4WD just to be safe, probably was not needed but I cautioned on the safe side. These snow sheds were about 3.4 miles long total.. I do not commend trying to do this in a car, you need at least a pick up truck to do these tunnels. Note that in one shot I am parked on top of the 75 foot Chinese wall and to the right is ually the Upper Chinese wall. There was a Chinese man named Fong Quong that operated a 24 hour Commissary in the snow sheds east of Soda Springs, this is very interesting and has photos and more history ..