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Shark Tank - Scrub Daddy | best deal that made 75 million !! (best of shark tank deals)

Best Of Shark Tank
Shark Tank - Scrub Daddy | best deal that made 75 million !! (best of shark tank deals)

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Shark Tanks episodes made its first appearance on Japanese television, and is known in other countries as Dragon's Den.

Shark Tank 2018 consists of inviting entrepreneurs to present their ideas to a group of investors called Sharks. At the end of each presentation of the product or concept, the Sharks apply their verdicts either by withdrawing from the project (the phrase used is then I'm out, which means "I'm retiring"), either by making an offer to the entrepreneur, usually in exchange for shares in the company or offering royalties on future sales.

-Robert Herjavec (2015 Dancing with the Stars)
-kevin shark tank Kevin O'Leary,
-barbara shark tank, Barbara Corcoran (Dancing with the Stars 25),
- Daymond John,
-Kevin Harrington,
-Mark Cuban,
-Jeff Foxworthy
-Lori Greiner.


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