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This Insta-Famous Pig Works Hard For The Likes

True Calling
True Calling
Meet Christopher, a potty-trained mini pig who loves Cheerios, lipstick, and sharing his life of adventure on Instagram.

Adopted by Montreal couple Jonathan and Marilyne Duguay, the two-year-old pet pig accompanies them on their vacations and now has a legion of fans that follow his every move.

Christopher the Ultimate Traveling Pig has 52.6k followers on Instagram and counting. There’s just something about a pig doing unconventional pig things that has the internet hooked.

“I think what people like about Christopher is ... it’s very unusual to see a pig who travels, a pig who sleeps in luxury hotels, who does a lot of activities. The fact that Christopher is a rescue ... it’s touching the heart of the person,” Marilyne said.

It’s a constant frenzy when Jonathan and Marilyne are on the road with Christopher, attracting excited passerbys wherever they go. While it may seem overwhelming, it’s a new lifestyle that the couple has embraced. They both have their own full-time jobs, but taking on the life of a social media influencer through Christopher allows them to bring happiness to others.

“We have people from all different countries in the world saying, “Please come with Christopher I’m going to be his first fan, I’m waiting for you at the airport.” That’s what we want to do. We want to travel with him and we want to go everywhere with him and spread the love and spread the joy, and that’s it.”

And if things really do get too much, the couple wouldn’t hesitate from putting a stop to all the attention. “We love doing it, and as soon as the passion is not there anymore, we’re just going to move on. It’s not a piece of material, it’s an animal.”

Christopher has yet to travel internationally by plane, but on the road, he sleeps in the back seat of the car, and when he needs to do his business, he gives his signature grunt. Christopher shares a bed with his parents, enjoys walks on the beach while nibbling on seaweed, and gets special treatment at pet-friendly hotels.

“We just love to take him with us. We love to make him visit new places, discover new people, new friends. He really loves to be our traveling pig.”

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