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BarlowGirl – Parables About Forgiveness

il y a 5 mois8 views

BarlowGirl released several devotionals over the years. This is Parables About Forgiveness, designed for high school students.

1:05 The Spark – This is a scary drama about forgiveness. It features a working class car-owning man and a homeless man. There is no dialogue, other than a voicemail recording from a pay phone.
6:15 Fanning the Flame – Omar and Elise from Fuel host a street interview to find out: "What's it feel like to forgive somebody who did you wrong?"
8:50 Combustion – This is the part where BarlowGirl appears.

This video is provided for the benefit of the Christian Church.

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BarlowGirl – Parables About Forgiveness
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