After Dark Deluxe Arcade Underworld Fantasy Gameplay 2 Player Shooter - One Of Our Favorites!

  • 6 years ago
After Dark Deluxe Arcade Game is simply awesome. Although not necessarily new by any means, it IS a difficult Game to find in Arcades and Family Entertainment Centers. What makes this Deluxe version upgraded from the original? A LOT! This has a sweet motion sensor that rocks and moves then entire booth. And although we did not play it on camera because it would shake the camera too mcuh, we did off-camera. Splendid! Making the Game more challenging with the Motion Sensor Motors engaged. Just like when we played Dead Storm Pirates DELUXE with the Motion Sensor a few months back with the Kids. And yes, we mentioned BOOTH. In the Deluxe version we played today, the Game is now houses in a very huge and beautiful cabinet booth unlike the non-Deluxe version. Additionally, you have one extra level - level 4- that is a bonsu level if you can complete all of the 3 included maps and kill their Bosses. This Deluxe version that Doc, E.L., Rocky and Piper played today also has a larger 55 inch screen compared to the previous versions 47. The Cabinet itself is one of the best. Some of us put it up their with Luigis Mansion and Dark Escape 4D. And although we founf MANY simalarities to the Dead Storm Pirates Special Edition Gameplay, After Dark has its own vibe and a strong foothold on the FANTASY side. Dead Storm much more on the 7 Seas. The Maestro has given the After Dark Deluxe WITH Motion Sensor a Highly Recommended Arcade Game Rating he liked the Graphics, Story and Gameplay that much. \r
After Dark Deluxe Arcade Game\r
Doc: Recommended Arcade Game\r
E.L.: Recommended Arcade Game\r
Rocky: Recommended Arcade Game\r
Piper: Recommended Arcade Game\r
The Maestro: HIGHLY Recommended Arcade Game \r
M&M: Recommended Arcade Game\r
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