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Shahrukh Khan's 'LUNGI DANCE' In University Of Edinburgh

Bollywood Trivia
Bollywood Trivia
Now SRK Brings Lungi Dance into the University of Edinburgh
Shahrukh Dances In University of Edinburgh

Whooops! Leave it to Shahrukh Khan to break tradition in its own way towards a better cause. Yes, recently didn’t we tell you that SRK had an Honorary Doctrate from the University of Edinburgh? Well now we reveal you the inside stories.

WE show you a tweet by SRK where he is seen dancing to the tune of Bollywood songs there. Yes, and he did a Lungi dance there! Whoa! Talk of people going places with Indian culture. Here we have our own Lungi culture spread right there at the Edinburgh University.
Dancing along with a dance troupe of women, Shahrukh is seen dancing to the tune with a tuxedo on. This is SRK and he would not change. If he does, there would be nothing to share with the janta hai na?

With his upcoming Raees and Fan, SRK is a different man alrigth.
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