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  • 6 years ago
Bet you didnt think that the first delivery for the new LEGO Friends Heartlake Pizzeria would be heading across the ocean to Moana. But it was an emergency - all the coconuts are rotting, Moana and Pua are awfully hungry and Emma needs fresh pineapple for the pizzas! So alls well that end well! The new Pizzeria is a great addition to Heartlake City, because who doesnt love a wood fired pizza with all the toppings? There are a heap of fun details and play opportunities in this little building and all the Friends are going to be lining up for a slice! Whats your favourite topping - are you like Livi and Olivia and want four cheeses with pineapple? Or everything with extras like the boys ordered?\r
The LEGO® Friends Heartlake Pizzeria 41311 has all the equipment needed to play at making and baking fresh pizza in the kitchen. Serve them out on the restaurant balcony, or use the phone to take orders then deliver them with Oliver on the scooter. Theres even a stand selling basil and tomato plants to happy customers. Includes two mini-doll figures.\r
Includes Emma and Oliver mini-doll figures.\r
Features a two-story Pizzeria building and a delivery scooter.\r
The Pizzeria building features a downstairs kitchen with opening door and windows, a pizza oven, worktop, sink, hob, cash register and plant stand, plus an upstairs restaurant balcony with tables and stools.\r
Kitchen accessory elements include a pizza base, three pizzas with different toppings, pizza slice, pizza paddle, frying pan, cheese grater, bowl, hand whisk, rolling pin, food container, sauce bottle, and tomato and basil plants.\r
Restaurant accessory elements include plates, glasses, mobile phone, cash register and a bill.\r
Prepare pizzas in the restaurant kitchen and use the paddle to place them in the pizza oven.\r
Take orders for delivery over the phone, then jump on the scooter to deliver them.\r
Help Emma serve fresh pizza to customers on the restaurant balcony.\r
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