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Joe Bennett and the Sparkletone BLACK SLACKS

Eddie Catman
Real great 50's Rockabilly masters singin' a wild Black slacks. The Sparkletones (sometimes credited as Joe Bennett & the Sparkletones) were an American rock & roll/rockabilly group from Spartanburg, South Carolina.
They formed in 1956 at Cowpens High School in Spartanburg when the group's members were between the ages of 13 and 16. In January 1957, Bob Cox, a talent scout for CBS, held auditions at the Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium; The Sparkletones took first prize at the event. Convinced they would be a success, Cox quit CBS to manage the group and flew them out to New York City to sign with ABC/Paramount.
The bandmembers did occasional reunions in South Carolina into the 2000s. An compilation LP was released by MCA Records in 1980, and European bootleg CD reissues were put out in the 1990s
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