5 years ago

7 TIPS TO GET INTO STANFORD: My Stats and College Essay/Application Advice

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I applied Regular Decision, not Early Action\r
SAT: 2130 | ACT: 30 | GPA: 4.0UW and 4.8W\r
SAT II: 650 USH and 720 BIO\r
(my stats suck, I know.)\r
I just wanted to share the stuff that I wish I knew before I started the process a year ago! These are my tips and advice to get into Stanford, Ivies, and other top schools especially when you dont have the cure for cancer, the last name Obama, or any Nobel Peace Prizes (yet).\r
The one thing I hate the most is the college prep/admissions industry because not everyone can afford essay readers, private counselors, or SAT tutors (I know I couldnt). So this is my little way of helping out other high schoolers navigate the process on their own and get into some amazing schools. \r
If you have any questions, please feel free to cont me! \r
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Blog: suatsu.wordpress.com\r
Email: tylersu@stanford.edu\r
Instagram: @tylerxsu\r
Twitter: @tylersunami\r
1. Do not worry about what anyone else is doing\r
2. Dont let below average scores keep you from applying\r
3. Figure out who you are and what you offer to the class\r
4. Its okay not to be perfect\r
5. Be authentic\r
6. Dont use gimmicks\r
7. Get personal\r
Tyler Su