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2 years ago|3 views
32 Bizarre Inventions From Japan… I Cant Believe #17 Actually Exists.\r
Japan is an amazing country with a lot of rich cultural traditions, amazing cuisine, and warm, respectful people. Its also a place where you can find a lot of crazy things being created for consumer use - even some things that dont make much sense at all.\r
These types of products are called chindogu in Japanese. Literally translated, chindogu means unusual tool. While most tools and products solve every day problems, chindogu products have no real use at all. The entire art of making chindogu is based on the f that these things have no utility, no function, and no real purpose of existing.\r
Check out these 32 amazing examples of chindogu below.You might ually wish that #25 was real.\r
#1. Tiny umbrellas for women to put their fancy heels under in the rain.\r
#2. The Liberation Wrapper, so women can hide their mouths while they eat.\r
#3. Lap pillow, comfy pillows that are shaped like a womans lap for business men to sleep on.\r
#4. A shouting vase, marketed as a vase to hold your anger in.\r
#5. The Facewaver, a mask thats supposed to give your facial muscles a workout.\r
#6. An air pillow to hold your smartphone while you bathe.\r
#7. A dictionary desk pillow, so it looks like your face is always in the books.\r
#8. The Voice Trainer, which helps train womens voices so they speak with a sweeter, softer tone.\r
#9. A 360 degree photo taking apparatus.\r
#10. A noiseless karaoke mic, for people who get shy on stage.\r
#11. Gloves with a variety of tools attached to the fingers.\r
#12. A thumb extender so you can grip and use your huge smartphone with one hand.\r
#13. A travel planetarium.\r
#14. A lie detector headseat.\r
#15. An upside umbrella that collects water and stores it.\r
#16. A desk you can use while lying down.\r
#17. A tie that stores everything you need.\r
#18. A suction cup helmet so you can sleep standing up.\r
#19. Armor plating for your iPhone.\r
#20. A little machine that keeps the skin under your eyes from sagging and bagging.\r
#21. Funnel glasses for when you need to use eyedropes.\r
#22. A virtual reality eye warmer.\r
#23. Covers to keep your arms cool and out of the sun\r
#24. An umbrella for rain or shine.\r
#25. A fully air conditioned work shirt.\r
#26. A kitty ear headband that reads your brainwaves.\r
#27. Theremin Mini, a working build-it-yourself replica of the worlds oldest electronic musical instrument.\r
#28. Floor moppers and dusters for your feet, pet, and baby.\r
#29. A sleeping bag with legs.\r
#30. An umbrella that you can wear like a tie.\r
#31. Butter in stick form.\r
#32. A tiny broom and dustpan attached to a pair of slippers.