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3 years ago|12 views

GTA 5 LSPDFR Bank Robbery - Police Mod 0.2b #20

In thisIm responding to bank robbery callouts with a SWAT team. Enjoy! \r
Im using LSPDFR mod 0.2b.\r
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GTA 5 Mods I used In This Video:\r
Bank Callouts - \r
Wilderness Callouts - \r
Breathalyzer - \r
Stealth22s TrafficControl - \r
Stealth22s KeepCalm - \r
Stealth 22s Code 3 Callouts - \r
Strays Callouts - \r
MoreCallouts by Athsro - \r
Vehicle Search - \r
ScriptHookV - \r
ScriptHookVDotNet - \r
RagePluginHook - \r
Simple Trainer - \r
LED Corona - \r
Parking Lights for Strainer - \r
Speed Radar - \r
Police Radio by FinKone - \r
Simple Police Searchlight - \r
LAPD SS2000 Siren - \r
Spikes Barrier - \r
INTRO SONG: Virtual Riot - Energy Drink (
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