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How to play lead guitar. Where to start? - Easy Beginner Guitar Lesson Tutorial

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In this guitar lesson, were going to start building the foundation you need to play country and bluegrass lead guitar all the way up and down the entire guitar neck. Ill show you the main scales you need to know and how you can move these scale patterns to change keys. Were going to map out the guitar neck so you never get lost on the fretboard, and eventually, youll be able to play lead guitar over any song without any rehearsal.\r
Visit to learn a ton of common bluegrass flatpicking guitar licks that you can play at your next bluegrass jam. Well break down all guitar lick with tablature and Ill show you how you can use these licks with the majority of bluegrass songs. Several of these flatpicking licks are in the key of G and theyre designed to help you improvise your guitar solo in bluegrass fiddle tunes like Red Haired Boy, Salt Creek, Gold Rush, Cripple Creek, Cherokee Shuffle, etc.\r
Watch more country & bluegrass guitar lessons from Devin that you can stream on any device at CGO. Lessons come with tablature and price jam tracks. In our courses, we cover a variety of country & bluegrass guitar techniques including country strumming, rhythm guitar fill riffs, hybrid picking, and bluegrass guitar solo improvising. New lessons are posted regularly! Learn classic country songs and traditional bluegrass songs on guitar. We post country & bluegrass guitar lessons for beginner guitar players all the way to advanced guitar lessons.
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