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4 years ago

Dont Judge Challenge (Vines) REACTION MASHUP

So here comes the REACTION MASHUP for the Dont Judge Challenge #dontjudgechallenge Compilation. These vines seem to be taken from vines and its a very unique concept.All the reions have been true, in this entertaining video. I hope you like reors review too.\r
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I think, the Dont Judge Challenge for us says that we have to judge neither the ugly nor the beautiful version of people. Otherwise, there does not seem to be any other explanation. The reors have been quite true to what they want to express, whether they like it or not & its good to see them all at once. Reors review has also been compiled, in the end.\r
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The Reions have been very natural:\r
Link to the video on which reions are based (by BEST VINES) ► \r
Playlist of all the Reors in this video ► \r
The list of reors featured in this video:\r
Tyrone Magnus\r
Craig Harris\r
Wade TheCoolNerd\r
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