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Bangla Funny Video | New bangla Funny Video | Before Result Vs After Result | Fun Videos 2017 | | Bangladeshi Funny Video 2017| Prank King Entertainment |\r
New bangla funny video 2017 Of Prank King Entertainment. this Bangla funny video about SSC, HSC Exam result of Bangladesh. Its a Funny Video made for Bangladeshi Funny people. This New bangla funny video for all about fun and entertainment.\r
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The Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Examination, is a public examination in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan conducted as completion exam of secondary education. Students of 10th grade/class ten appear in these examinations. It is an equivalent to GCSE in England. SSC is equivalent to first two years of High Schools in the USA, and GCSE in England. HSC is equivalent to 3rd and 4th year of High School in the USA, which means they can start college with HSC certification in the USA\r
In Bangladesh , High School is divided into Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and HSC (Higher Secondary School Certification) levels, although SSC is colloquially called high school due to its use during the British ruling time. After completing the 9th and 10th class (grade) students sit for a nationwide public examination called SSC and if they pass they get a chance to study in colleges or higher secondary schools.\r
Ministry of Education, Bangladesh makes it easy to check all Board exam results. They have adopted online result publication as Bangladesh declared a vision 2021, Digital Bangladesh. Examination result for all board result can be found at their official website.\r
The Higher School Certificate (HSC) is the credential awarded to secondary school students who successfully complete senior high school level studies (Years 11 and 12 or equivalent) in New South Wales, Australia. It was first introduced in 1967,[1] with the last major revision coming into effect in 2001. It is currently developed and managed by the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) NSW.\r
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