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How To Overcome Shyness - Becoming More Assertive

2 years ago|0 view
Overcome shyness and social anxiety from home:
shyness let's talk about shyness okay so I've just read a really interesting article on shyness and the argument in the article really supported me it's an idea that shyness people that are shy are boring pretty weird way to look at it shines for me for my personal experience as I said from people that I've coached or from people at talks I tend to get a lot of it tends to be shyness it is nothing to do with with being boring but your shyness tends to be being more passive and not really going after what you want to go after because something's holding you back now the most common thing i found when people being held back because it's a belief that if you put yourself out there and if you speak to people or do something outside of yourself the people judge you and they'll judge you then and they won't like you and then because they don't like you then that'll affect you it tends to be the common pattern is different baron ways with six with a common partner that I've encountered let's let's look at that as a natural belief that if you put yourself out there then you're being judged well let's look at the opposite if you don't do something and you don't poo self about any continue to be passive the people judge regulate and what they judge allows passive indifferent not confident the procedures all these things either way you get judged one way as I said you get judged as being something that's passive him atop him self out there maybe be proceeded to be something you're not and then you do something else if you take a step to maybe speak a bit more give an opinion approach somebody say stand up in a meeting and then you may be perceived as somebody that has courage which you have or somebody that has something to say something it has competence as well as confidence by being shy or being more passive your ass should do it against me you're trying to achieve by not being judged and we're all judged judge because it's our natural mindset it's part of our brain that when we see somebody in the first five to ten sectors we judge them so you already get yours being somebody that doesn't say something and doesn't do anything and there were like most likely becoming different to being judged as somebody that maybe speaks at these more confident put something out there takes take a step so the idea that somebody's shy and boring for me is not right I think the people that I've met that a shy that haven't got the maybe the confidence or the belief to go and speak to people or put themselves out there in the world it's nothing to do that they have so much value and that's what's the most frustrating thing for me is that a lot of people that meet that a shower or more passive have so much internal value they are not able to communicate that to the world they're not able to communicate that in their work they're not able to communicate that to people in a in a social situation they just

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