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1 of 6 Attempt to kill me via government sponsored burglaries_x264

Bastian Auser
NEONAZI United States of Jewmerica(on behalf of Netanyahu, Merkel, Trump, Bush, McCain, Macron, and Tsar Putan Putanowich who signed the deal = basically those who have gathered in and have used this very house for 8 years for meetings behind public eye for great global neonazi plan and those who banned me from work in my two professions when in US so i could be used for what is written here, block me since 2006 from any kind of employment in USA and even other parts of the world as it was time to get read of me, blocked me from unemployment compensation = case almost identical to Chinese Deng Guilian who list her husband, children, and work after her husband complained about Trump's slavery conditions in Chinese factory https://apnews.com/ea814c9ce81a4b40a956c8a84c8f90e1 or https://goo.gl/SCCKae) have given Novo mesto's police a high tech equipment(super surveillance system just as they have given to Slovenian psychiatry division brain mapping technology) with precondition to get me murdered when back in Slovenia via most sadistic methods possibly imaginable.

Involved in this case(patronized in Slovenia) were Slovenian psychiatrists(Zoran Muđa was primary individual on what others got involved in it as well as he alone who was primarily in-charged in this case on government behalf in this part of the world, no longer had time - US Government which engaged in meetings with Putin traveled more and more often and I was brought along from Miami as a sort of tool/gift for my parents to tolerate this scum in our house...BLOCKED/BLACKLISTED from employment on international level and used for human experimentation s as well as is stated here).

I cite Tatjana Prokšelj under MKULTRA(very same psychiatrist reintroduced in my life when criminally labeled with diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia), "we would like to thank your neighbor for his dedication...willingness to risk his life - expose himself to hazardous circumstances which will be used to help you"....

On my question to her why hazardous and why risk life", her answer to me was, "because you will become very dangerous"...

NOTE: Tatjana Prokšelj was a psychiatrist who sent me in mental hospital without any reason for another 8 months or so...she even lied(have had engaged in severe harassment/terror/liedonreports against me whenever I was forced to appear in her Novo mesto hospital office) that my mother gave her consent(have even claimed that I represented danger and that my mother gave her consent to hospitalized me which mother disagreed with - all audio recordeda nnd mother and Tatjana Prokšelj)...

Tatjana Prokšelj was selected by Zoran Muđa and so was younger assistant of Zoran Muđa who also was/is involved in this case(individual claimed how he is developing some sort of case based on me - have shown me graphs in Ljubljana and so on).


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