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Stereo In Solo - Somewhere Out There (Trailer) - Official Music Video

STEREO in SOLO "Somewhere out there" - Official Trailer including some extracts from the main songs of the album : "Flowers on the moon", "Skytrain", "Electric city of light", "Secret secret".

Remember STEREO "Somewhere in the night", "No more" or "Moonshine" from the 80’s… After the return of the band in 2014 with the album "Back to somewhere", STEREO in SOLO is Thierry Noritop's first solo album, one of the two members of the French band.

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Video conceived and directed by Thierry Noritop.
Thanks to Matthieu Le Scornec for video compression.

Produced and written between 2016 & 2017 by Thierry Noritop in Paris. Available in a limited edition CD & Digital.