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2 года назад|1 просмотров
(Going off of what Neighbors told us about Demolition) The Tiki Palace Playboy party mansion was built in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1972. A Playboy bunny shaped swimming pool just off the main entrance is the focus of the 5,600 sq foot 3-bedroom mansion.\r
The Tiki Palace mansion fell into disrepair when its owner was nicked for income tax evasion. He was later convicted of hiring an assassin to kill his wifes lover, a crime which landed him a 20-year prison sentence. \r
Recently the mansion has been ravaged by vandals who have smashed its interior which had remained almost int since Tiki Palace would host parties in the 70s and 80s. \r
The neighbors told us that the city has scheduled the Mansion for demolition and it will not be here in the next few weeks. We wanted to see it and video this amazing place before that happens.\r
Come with us as we Explore this Old Party Palace. \r
When visiting these locations we do not steal or vandalize. The only thing we take are photos and videos.

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