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3 years ago

BOSCONI - 120 mins of sick house music from Florence (Vinyl)

Bosconi Records: celebrating a decade of quality house music from one of Italy's best labels.
Fabio Della Torre & Rufus playing strictly vinyl from the hills of Florence.

Phunkey Rhythm Doctor ‎– Sugardaddy
Fish go deep - work true
Leaf ..?
Paul Hester never enough
Calico jcho puta
Mystical Institute ‎– sea believer
Fifth Level ‎– U Rock The House
Ed Handley Nine Open
Sound Virus ‎– Follow your feet
Mark Brom - Wather
Analog Confusion ‎– Sub-Bass
Timeblind ‎- Exteriorization
Rei Loci - Serchin
Unknown Artist - Radar Shower [Savel]
Audri - Tune
Dolby A - Klang
LA Synthesis ‎– Agraphobia
X men Berlin untitled
Minimono - Suspended
the mk appella
Tranquil Elephantizer - No Slo Dub
telfort lickety split
Honeydrop - Inflatable Armchair
Cim cool Air
Minimono - After The Light
sami - sickos
Minimono - Quiet Route
John Tejada - Polarity
Slick 'N Flash ‎– The Descent EP
Skymaster - Midnight Madness
Unknown Artist - Sunflower [Savel]
100hz - Holic Soda
Life Recorder ‎– No Look Back
In Sync & Pluto - Subway
Riccio - Here You Are
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