NINA KRAVIZ dreaming and love DJ mix

  • 5 years ago
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See another side of Nina with this unconventional mix from our DJ of the year.
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“This is a mix for winter listening. It has a slightly melancholic feel, but it’s coming from a happy place and it has an optimistic ending. It’s about childhood: that clear, uninterrupted viewpoint that you have when you are a child. It’s about longing for something that you can’t even explain clearly, but feel deep in your heart.

This mix is about dreaming. It’s about love – in the wider, universal meaning of the word. I have included a few of my own previously unreleased songs. I might include them in my upcoming album; I haven’t quite decided yet.

They are all more like sketches than finished songs, but I wanted to keep them exactly this way to capture the atmosphere perfectly, and transmit what I was feeling in that moment, as if you were there with me. The rest is music from my labels трип and Galaxiid.”

- Nina Kraviz


1. Vladimir Dubyshkin ‘Flashback’
2. Roma Zuckerman ‘Marchen (old V)’
3. Leela eating chewing gum
4. Nina Kraviz ‘Pogovori So Mnoi’
5. Nina Kraviz and Svenbjörn Thoransen ‘CrazyShitIceland 2’ (working title)
6. Nina Kraviz (with someone?) ‘Don’t Hold Back’
7. Volruptus ‘Time Travel’
8. PTU ‘2618’ (upcoming on трип)
9.Aleksi Perala ‘219_Test_9_133.59’
10. Aleksi Perälä ‘GBLFT1740071’
11. The Tuss ‘talkin2u mix2+9’ (Bjarki rework)
12. Solar X ‘Mistress Awaits You’
13.‘Nobody Loves You’ (garage recording of me with my old band)