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How 2 Steal YouTube Videos & Get Away With it

2 yıl önce|20 görüntüleme
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Today we're talking about the extent to which people will go to make it big on YouTube. It's because of some of my bilingual fans that I figured out that another Youtuber has essentially made a living off stealing videos from other creators (including myself) and I felt the need to speak my mind and do something about it after getting virtually no response from YouTube or my MCN. I'm here to show you how egregious the theft really is in my case in particular. Let's see how deep this rabbit hole goes.

► Allbriel's Channel (Who blatantly steals from English creators)

► CavifaX Gaming's Video Cataloging Various Stolen Videos:
Allbriel, el YouTuber RATERO con +200mil suscriptores (CaviReacts)

The videos that were reacted to in this video that Allbriel has deleted. (reuploaded & unlisted so you can see for yourself)

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- 8 ENEMIGOS mas ODIADOS de los Videojuegos

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- Las 8 Armas Mas TONTAS y RIDÍCULAS en Videojuegos

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Thank you for watching my videos and for supporting me for so many years on YouTube. I'm sorry if this video isn't what you wanted or expected from me.

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