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Black Women May NOT Be GODS But...Damn Close ! Part 1 of 2

Angelsnupnup7 Speaks !
2 years ago|3 views
A Man's True Nature
Daku Akawu Said :
21 hrs •
A mans nature, especially a healthy young man, is like a flower. Growers know that once a fruiting plant goes to flower the seed is soon to follow. In an attempt to prevent them from going to seed, growers pinch the flower off. But the plant constantly attempts to go to seed (in order to procreate). If growers want to stop the plant from going to seed altogether, they harvest the plant. It's whole purpose is to procreate despite what we want to use the plant for.
Why are so many people so confused about a mans true nature? Males are trained all their lives to deny their nature and perhaps for good reason. We are trained to see women as other than something to procreate with despite our physical attraction to them. We learn to focus on sports, cars, bikes, video games, and other frivolous as well as more important activities. Ironically, many of these activities we engage in can be used to attract a mate (someone to have sexual relations with). His nature does not make him desire mere friendship with women. Society, intellect, "wisdom", etc teaches him that it's ok...even preferable to be a woman's "friend", but his nature intends something different. Can we be real for a change? If a man is sexually attracted to a woman, the last thing his nature calls for is friendship.
People will secretly or not so secretly dislike this post because they enjoy living in a false reality.
Maybe I am unregistered member of RealitysTemple OnEarth because it's difficult for me not to see reality and ignore truth.
Accept it or it or not, we are natural beings at the end of the day (even though we have the ability to transcend nature)
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