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UNTIL THE RIBBON BREAKS performs the song "ROMEO" for BalconyTV.
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Remember the days when gifting mixtapes was the definitive romantic gesture? That careful ritual of combing through your record collection, choosing a myriad of musical moods and memories for the recipient to imbibe and devour again and again, until the tape wore out - Until The Ribbon Breaks.

Drawing both their approach and name from their art form, Until The Ribbon Breaks (UTRB) the three piece band fronted by Cardiff native, Peter Lawrie Winfield are a uniquely skilled, singing, songwriting, producing collective.

Decidedly honest, their music embraces an old-school passion for intricate, clever writing and the slicing together of sounds, samples and lyrics; a skill demonstrated in debut track 'Pressure' and the accompanied self-made video which they released on YouTube last year.

The powerful EP, 'A Taste Of Silver,' which followed, treated listeners' ears to something compelling and unique. Mesmeric, dark apocalyptic pop, meets infectious "Avant RnB" in a way that is both haunting and beautiful in its raw confrontation of human emotion.

Boldly and without trepidation, the music tells tales of love, loss, lust, infatuation, regret and fear all enveloped in cinematic imagery, which could sit comfortably within the poignant scenes of any Spike Lee, Tarantino or Scorsese film.

Their most recent 4 song EP 'Taste of Silver' released in March of 2014 and is available now on both iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-other-ones-ep/id840474398) and Spotify.


Producer / Talent Booker: Cindi Avnet
Co-Producer/ Talent Booker: Leah Hobbs
Recorded & Mixed By: Taylor Nelson
Camera: Robert DiGioia
Assistant: Sarah Asaly

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