• 5 years ago
CATALIN MILEA performs the song "THE SOUNDS OF HOME" for BalconyTV.
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„The Sounds of Home" is a solo act by Cătălin Milea using wind instruments, saxophone, bass clarinet, flute, turkish caval, effects. He imagined „The Sounds of Home” as a live collection of songs, melodies from the heart, that left us a powerfull sonic mark. These songs are reminding us of people, cherished moments, whether related to our family, the culture we come from, life. „The Sounds of Home” can be rhyme, a lullaby that your mother used to sing for you, a radio hit that you listened a thousand times till it became a state of mind, a very familiar feeling. It can be a tune you whistle sometimes, a song that you resonate with.

Catalin Milea is considered to be one of the most creative Romanian jazz and improvised music composer and perfomer, he recorded the albums "Re-Bop Unit featuring Dick Oatts" and "Something for Now" (with the improvised music trio RAM - Rodriguez/Aksunger/Milea). He was a guest or collaborated with: European Youth Big-Band (led by Peter Herbolzheimer), European Contemporary Orchestra (ECO), Camerata Ardesko, Synaesthetik Trio, Confluence Quartet, Re-Bop Unit, Cătălin Milea Hammond Trip, played with Carlo de Rosa, Eric Revis, Tommy Crane, Nasheet Waits, Anthony Pinciotti, Dick Oatts, Sam Newsome, John Engels, Eugen Gondi, Mircea Tiberian, Anca Parghel, Johnny Răducanu and many others. His present projects are Romanian Jazz Collective, Imagination Orchestra. He is also an active educator and music journalist.

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Alex Purje - Producer & Director
Janin Pasniciuc - Sound Engineer, Mix & Master
Lorand Marton - Videographer
John Furtună - Photographer
Andreea Călin - Photographer
Alexandru Voicu (Has De) - Making Of

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