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Best Rocklands Bouldering Guide - Climbs Under 7a | Rocklands Climbing Guide, Ep. 1


A rock climbing video guide to bouldering in the stunning and unique destination of Rocklands, South Africa. We're documenting a group of British, American and Candian climbers as they get to know the area over the course of a month.

'As someone who generally doesn't boulder much harder than 7a, I was a tad concerned that Rocklands wouldn't have much for me to climb - I was wrong. Most of my favorite Rocklands problems were stellar 6b or 6c lines, so this episode is a showcase of some of our favorite problems around that grade, with added information on where to stay and eat and ideas of what to do on a rest day in Capetown.'

Alex Gorham
Jackie Sequeira
Blaine Burris
Jen Randall

Best Rocklands Bouldering Guide - Climbs Under 7a | Rocklands, Ep. 1

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