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Carlings 1985

bob erwig
Mabel’s Dream – Carlings- Bent Persson 1985
During a jazz festival in Poland famous Swedish trumpetplayer Bent Persson came to sit in with the young Carling family. The Carlings had practiced and learned some of the early jazz classics. A totally amazing situation. Where do you find a family where the members are 16, 14, 10 and 6 who learned a tune as complicated as Mabel’s Dream and then able to perform this on an international jazz festival. Originally from the Oliver/Armstrong recordings from 1923, many of todays traditional jazz bands have tried and play this tune, but I have never seen or heard a group that young and so together stylewise making such an affort.
Bent Persson must have been totally impressed himself and joined them for a number of tunes.
A year later Bent, who was working on his project of recording all the Armstrong Hot Chorusses decided to use the Carlings and recorded with them some six tunes. Unfortunately these have now been replaced by re-recordings on CD’s and Bent or the producers decided to use different and more experienced musicians. That’s how it goes in the commercial world. I am glad I own the original recordings on the first issue on LP, and I’m also glad that my friend Dymitr Markiewicz, a fine trombonist who played with father Hans Carling in those years had collected and kept some videos from 1985 and send these to me just recently.