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Ecological management: Let’s bring biodiversity to cities

ARB Île-de-France
l’année dernière|579 vues
The city is a mosaic of open spaces dedicated to a variety of uses.The way these spaces are managed can have impacts on the environment. For example, the use of pesticides has an impact on air, water, soils, human health. Since 1 January 2017, the use of chemical pesticides has been prohibited in some public spaces. Let’s go further, let’s learn to do without all products that are harmful to the environment everywhere.From the most intensively maintained to the most natural, let’s switch to differentiated management.In recent years, more and more local authorities and companies have been turning to ecological management initiatives. Let’s adopt practices favourable to biodiversity by planting local species adapted to the climate, diversifying plant heights and environments, Let’s preserve soils and water by the use of mulching and ground cover, reducing the drying effects of the wind and sun and promoting water storage and release

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