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Knitwear Rendering

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Knitwear Rendering
- by Baining Guo.

Publication date 2001
Publisher Microsoft Research China
Knitwear rendering presents a significant challenge because of the many detailed characteristics of knitwear, such as the microstructure of yarn fibers, variations in stitch patterns, and shape irregularities. In our SIGGRAPH 2001 paper, we address this rendering problem by introducing a modeling primitive called the lumislice, which represents a yarn cross-section. By propagating a lumislice over a knitwear skeleton and adding soft shadow effects, we are able to synthesize realistic images of knitwear over various levels of detail while capitalizing on transparency-blending hardware. The results of our technique are exhibited in this video and compared with real footage.
Ying-Qing Xu, Yanyun Chen, Hua Zhong, Stephen Lin, En-Hua Wu

Contact Information :

""5F, Beijing Sigma Center""
""No 49, Zhichun Road, Haidian District""
Beijing, 100080
Fax: 8.61E+11

Director Baining Guo
Identifier Knitwear2001
Proddate 2001
Run time 0:03:00
Type MovingImage

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Knitwear Rendering
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