Wing Chun training - wing chun how to deal with a weapon surprise attack Q44

  • 5 years ago
Wing Chun kung fu wing chun training questions
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This play list features Master Wong in a private seminar setting answering questions about the Wing Chun system and its use in real fighting situations.
Master Wong show exercises and techniques and the lethal way they can be used to defeat attackers. Everything in the videos is movement taken from the form and weapons and dummy work. Wing principles applied at the way they were intended.

Wing Chun basic training lessons with master Wong that cover form, application and use of Wing Chun principles in real confrontations. The Master Wong system (MWS) considers the need to address likely modern threats. Most Wing Chun schools only on work fighting enemies with relatively low or no skill. The truth is that this will only lead to Wing Chun not being used correctly and becoming in effective. This is so often the case that Wing Chun has a bad reputation in the world of real fighting. MWS is different; we don’t hide behind the need for tradition we move with the times and use Wing Chun against all fighting styles. Our Wing Chun is a fully comprehensive fighting system incorporating all aspects of fighting and training.
The E-Learning platform Udemy has been chosen to host the MWS training materials this advanced application makes learning easy online line through any of your devices wherever you are any time.

This unique system includes everything you need for self-defense, street fighting, competition and health and fitness. Learn to work in kicking range, punching range and grappling range, stand up and on the ground.
In order for Wing Chun to be effective in the modern world it must move with the times.
Although our Wing Chun training does include all the traditional aspects including the hand forms. Sil lim Tao, Chum kui, and Bui Jee . Also the weapon training 6 ½ point pole, Butterfly knives and Wooden Dummy. Each of these parts has been broken down re analyzed and improved to enhance our complete fighting system.
Don’t take our word for it study our materials, watch our free Wing Chun videos and you will soon see we are different from any other Wing Chun system you have ever encountered before.
The MWS way is the only real future for Chinese martial arts. You can keep practicing your classic Chinese dancing or start learning the Master Wong System for real life fighting or self defence.

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