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My Complete FNAF Theory - The Tragic Story of Purple Guy [Timeline]

11 месяцев назад14 views



Just to let you guys know, THIS THEORY HAS MAJOR PROBLEMS! I like the concept, and most of what I say here is solid, but as time went on I found more and more problems. Please dont freak out on me, I plan on making a new fixed version of this in November. These things take time. :)\r
Hey guys! I have worked on this video for hours upon hours, and I dont want this channel to become a FNAF channel! This video was made for my other channel, but at the moment, I was just hoping to get it a kick start here. My gaming channel is so unknown right now that Im afraid no one would see it.\r
Also, some info on this video: This idea is completely mine. I havent heard of anyone theorizing everything the way I did. Anyway, if you see any more contradictions or you just have a question, please let me know! Over on my gaming channel I will be making more theory videos in the future! :3\r
Hope you guys enjoyed this video! :3 \r
Oh and yes, I do see a few problems, mainly the f that I said Purple Guy died after the franchise was over, but then why in fnaf 3 did they say the room was still sealed? Yeah, sorry about that guys. But I dont know at the moment if that ruins my theory. I will look into it soon. :)\r
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My Complete FNAF Theory - The Tragic Story of Purple Guy [Timeline]
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