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Super Smash Bros. Melee - Multiplayer Gameplay #1

11 месяцев назад1 views



Player 1 - Matt\r
Player 2 - Josh\r
Player 3 - Alex\r
Match 1 (1:03) - 4 Stock Free-for-All on Kongo Jungle\r
Match 2 (6:32) - 4 Stock Free-for-All on Yoshis Island\r
Match 3 (12:43) - 4 Stock Free-for-All on Pokemon Stadium\r
Match 4 (18:31) - 4 Stock Free-for-All on Temple\r
Match 5 (28:12) - 4 Stock Free-for-All on Princess Peachs Castle\r
Match 6 (35:23) - 4 Stock Free-for-All on Dream Land\r
We decided to dig out a game that weve had sitting on the shelf for about 10 years now and hadnt played in a while. What a lot of fun this game really is! It brings back so many memories, from having your buddies over with pizza parties and engaging in intense Tournament Modes, beating the snot out of each other with items, using your favorite charers from a wide range of popular games. this game is just great! I agree that the names we have saved in the multiplayer database are rather immature but you gotta admit, they were funny at the time when we were in our early teens. Enjoy, and theres plenty more of this game to come on our channel!

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Super Smash Bros. Melee - Multiplayer Gameplay #1
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