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Ken Blocks NEW 1400 HP Hoonigan Mustang! HOONICORN V2

11 месяцев назад7 views



Ken Blocks 845-hp all-wheel-drive 1965 Ford Mustang coupe debuted at the new SEMA Show and was slapped with the name Hoonicorn. Shortly after SEMA, Block dropped the seventh installment of his Gymkhana , which featured the Hoonicorn ripping around Los Angeles and doing donuts underneath hopping lowriders. Currently, the video has over 38 million views on YouTube; the car is so popular that it, along with Block, appeared on the latest season of the BBC show “Top Gear” tearing up the streets of England.\r
With this years SEMA show just around the corner, Block shed light on a new version of the Hoonicorn Mustang -- this time with two turbochargers feeding the methanol-drinking 6.7-liter Roush Yates Racing V8. With all the changes made ahead of the SEMA Show, the Hoonicorn now makes a ground-pounding 1,400 hp.\r
The Hoonicorn V2 will naturally star in a “future video project” -- something that sounds a lot like the 10th Gymkhana video. After his hopes of shooting a video in Australia were dashed for Gymkhana 9, we cant even imagine where Block will film the next tire-slaying and internet-breaking video.\r
Block debuted the car in a Facebook livestream, which was captured and can be seen above if you missed it.\r
The drift machine that starred in Gymkhana Seven was Ken Blocks insane Hooniocorn. Since 845 horsepower apparently wasnt enough, Block has reworked the car into what hes calling Hoonicorn V2, and its packing 1,400 horsepower. The stunt driver must be on a power trip.\r
The Hoonicorn V2 still has the same 6.7-liter, 410-cubic-inch V8 at the front, but the motor has been reworked to run on methanol and bestowed with a custom twin-turbo setup for a total of 1,400 horsepower. The previous Hoonicorn already had enough power to spin all four tires, by the way.\r
In other words, the new Hoonicorn V2 is overkill in the best way possible. Block unveiled the machine on his Facebook page where he gives an overview of the changes that have been made.\r

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Ken Blocks NEW 1400 HP Hoonigan Mustang! HOONICORN V2
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