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[ARCADE/MAME] Premier Soccer - Longplay (Konami 1993)

11 месяцев назад3 views



Longplay / walkthrough / speed run for Premier Soccer arcade game and coin-op from Konami in 1993 - played on the MAME emulator default settings (European version EAB).\r
A really fun arcade football game, whilst the graphics arent great for 1993 this is because the programmers have implement a novel idea - 4 different views zoomed in/out! I guess because of this to keep the 2D graphics consistent they end up looking a little rough. Tackling CPU players can be really tough, everything moves so quick - so be prepared for them to score goals in the game frustratingly! Not as good as Tecmo World Cup 90 or Football Champ 92 but Ill put this a 3rd behind those two for side-on arcade soccer games! Funky tunes. Great fun! Sadly never saw a home conversion to the best of my knowledge.\r
(c) Konami 1993\r

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[ARCADE/MAME] Premier Soccer - Longplay (Konami 1993)
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