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Knuckles in Sonic 2 Any% Speedrun: 15:11 any% SS

11 месяцев назад0 views



Well, Im happy I finally PBed in this game. Im still not satisfied, and ideally want to take this to sub 15, but Im going to take a break for a few weeks, so thought I may as well post this. I usually dont play with mic on, in f this was the only session I played with mic on and it just happened to be the run. So.yeah.\r
This run was.yeah. Interesting. A lot of levels were not up to my standard (especially MC1 and Met3), but I hit most of the really big tricks. Like I said, I still want to improve, but happy to get this for now.\r
Also.the last run curse! Doesnt just apply to pokes, I guess.\r
(Death Egg was a 51, not a 50, so the final time was 1 second more than what I inputted)\r
Note: This run is timed by in game time, not real time, as using real time would make it faster to go slower in certain situation, which is the opposite goal of speedrun (eg finishing in 30 seconds would be faster than finishing in 27 seconds).\r
Note: As per the new rules for this game, showing the full emulator is required for emulator runs, to prevent cheating. They read: For runs using emulators the entire screen of the emulator used must be captured and the game must be visibly hard resetted before a run. Any use of a savestate after boot voids the run. [Note that this does not apply to every video game, its a rule in place specifically for the classic soniceg S1, S2, S3K, SCD]\r
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Knuckles in Sonic 2 Any% Speedrun: 15:11 any% SS
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