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DJI Phantom 3 Vs. 3DR Solo - Comparison

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Please check out the best drones on the market today at: \r
Droneflyers Written Review of the Solo: \r
Here we are! Hope you enjoy this lengthy, but detailed discussion on these two new and popular products. If you just want to cut to the chase you can skip to 35:02 Let me know what you think in the comments! Thanks for watching. CORRECTIONS BELOW!! vv\r
As of now, the 3DR does have GPS waypoints available\r
The 3DR Solo does give a verbal low battery warning\r
You can record from the app to your IOS device if you have the GoPro on first\r
The 3DR Solo is made in China, but is an American company\r
Also keep in mind you can change the performance of the 3DR Solo via advanced computer software. \r
I must say I love 3DRs return service. I did return the 3DR to my local Best Buy with ease! 15 days to decide if you like the drone is a great policy!\r
Visit my website: \r
Join the DroneDude Facebook group here:

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DJI Phantom 3 Vs. 3DR Solo - Comparison
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