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Gladiator School Lets Play ►Episode 1 - Glory be to Deluksius Dominus! (1440/60)

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Gladiator School Lets Play ►Episode 1 - Glory be to Deluksius Dominus! (1440/60) - Join me as we dive deeper into the world of 2D gladiator training and arena battles!\r
Gladiator School is currently under development by Raptor Claw games and can be purchased for around $10 on Steam. \r
For more information on Gladiator School, check out their steam page: \r
Join the Deluks Gaming Discord group here for more info on streams, private game servers, and the rest of the community:\r
Youve just lost your position in the empire army. You set out to begin a new life as a gladiator trainer. Atleast you found an old abandoned farm where you can build your gladiator school. Can you train simple slaves to become fighters and survive the gladiatorial spectacles in the arena? It wont be easy.\r
Ever since the supreme emperor banished you from the war, your old life have all but disappeared, once the greatest military commander in the empire now forced to recruit soldiers at the local slavemarket. Youll need to regain your reputation and status in the empire by rising to the top in gladiatorial rankings.\r
Choose wisely how to level your fighters. Keep a close eye on them, make sure they are loyal or they might rise up against their master. Make sure they fight for you and for your cause. Can you discover the truth about the supreme emperors betrayal and get your revenge or will you get beaten again by the empires finest?\r
-Gladiator management sim with RPG and tycoon elements\r
-Build and manage your own school for gladiators.\r
-Buy or capture slaves to train them as fighters for spectacles in the arena\r
-Manage your gladiators mood, needs, price schedule and treat their wounds.\r
-Hire workers, guards, medicus and instructors to improve your school.\r
-Gain reputation and compete with other lanista houses from all over the world.\r
-Trade food, slaves, weapons and armor at the marketplace.\r
-Command your gladiators to fight in the arena to gain reputation and skillpoints.\r
-Help your champion become legendary in the arena all the way to the Primus.\r
-Arena events also features animals, execution of criminals and rare boss fights.\r
-Unlock new ranks, titles, armor, and weapons for your fighters.\r
-14 different gladiator classes with unique ultimate abilitys.\r
-9 different weapon masterys with their own strength and weakness.\r
-Reward and promote your gladiators for their loyalty to their dominus.\r
-Punish slaves that do not fight well, discipline them or even execute them.\r
-Send out scouts on missions to explore the far corners of the world.\r
-Gladiatorial ranking - top 10 best gladiators only fight in the Colosseum\r
-Rise to the top as gladiator trainer and ascend through a hierarchy of grades.\r
-Including meaningful permadeath option for harder difficulty

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Gladiator School Lets Play ►Episode 1 - Glory be to Deluksius Dominus! (1440/60)
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