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Dungeonmans Beginners Guide

11 месяцев назад2 views



A beginners guide to Dungeonmans detailing all the information how to get started playing the game.\r
Dungeonmans is an epic roguelike adventure inspired by classic RPGs and dungeon crawlers. Create a unique champion and enjoy dozens of hours of tical combat, deep charer customization, and exploration of a world that is randomly-generated each time you play.\r
As a fresh graduate of the Dungeonmans Academy, your custom avatar will venture forth into the world, delving into dungeons, crypts, graveyards, swamps, temples, towers, and beyond. Destroy hordes of monsters, collect loot, and build your charer with a selection of over 60 skills and hundreds of items. A flexible classless skill system gives you total freedom and countless ways to play. And while each hero has but one life, you will discover and collect relics, items, and knowledge that can be passed on to future charers through the Academy system.\r
DUNGEONMANS on Steam: \r
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Dungeonmans Beginners Guide
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