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GTA San Andreas Short Film - Cj Meets Crash Bandicoot

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This story goes by Cj and Crash Bandicoot.\r
cj was playing a crash bandicoots game and cj always loves it,\r
but next day, suddenly crash was appeared in cjs world reality and cj sees him and get shocked then crash runs away to find something that he came here for crash jacks cjs favorite car and drive all around the city with joyfull and making everywhere mess, but 2 hours later crash goes to LS international airport suddenly dr.neo cortex and n.gin spotted at there in any minute cj come also there then n. cortex leaves n.gin to take down crash bandicoot and gone for research for plan to doominate cjs world, crash and cj together fights n.gin to stop there evil plans once again to save cjs world.\r
Hope you guys enjoy my short film this was my first ever made\r
if you enjoyed then like and share and subscribe my channel for more part 2 and thank you for watching.\r
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GTA San Andreas Short Film - Cj Meets Crash Bandicoot
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