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Elysium - How To Play

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Watch It Played is adesigned to teach and play games!\r
In thiswere going to learn how to play Elysium!\r
00:00 - Introduction\r
00:47 - Setup\r
03:00 - Game Play Overview\r
03:38 - Awakenings Phase\r
03:55 - Actions Phase\r
04:17 - Purchasing Items\r
06:48 - Purchase Restrictions\r
07:10 - What If You Cant Pay?\r
09:09 - Domain Powers\r
11:32 - Writing The Legends Phase\r
12:33 - Transferring Cards To Your Elysium\r
13:05 - How to Create Legends\r
16:36 - Legend Bonuses\r
17:57 - End Of The Round Phase\r
18:18 - Ending The Game\r
18:25 - Final Scoring\r
20:11 - Domain vs. Elysium Duplicates\r
20:43 - Two Player Rules\r
21:11 - Apollo Family Rules\r
22:13 - Ares Family Rules\r
23:01 - Conclusion\r
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask a question in the Youtube comments below.\r
Visit the Watch It Played Facebook Page \r
Follow Watch It Played on Twitter @watchitplayed\r
We truly appreciate your views, feedback and subscriptions.

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Elysium - How To Play
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