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Americas Original Dubble Bubble - Bubble Gum Fory Maker Set, 2002

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​​​Americas Original Dubble Bubble - Bubble Gum Fory Maker Set. Time to make some gum! What a cool maker!\r
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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This was our fist attempt at making gum with the Bubble Gum Fory from Dubble Bubble! It came out pretty good and I had fun learning about the machine and making gum. Watch as I go through all of the steps and even wrap the gum with real Dubble Bubble gum wrapping paper. What a blast! Enjoy the video.\r
▶▶ Key points in video ◀◀\r
0:15 Overview\r
1:05 Un-boxing and Parts Review\r
3:20 Inserting Batteries\r
4:46 Applying Maker Set Labels\r
6:59 Foil Cup Pan / 7:35 Pouring Gum Powder in Cup\r
10:20 Pipette of Water to Powder\r
11:19 Mixing Gum Powder\r
11:44 Putting Gum Mix in Loading Dock\r
12:01 Sliding Gum Through Machine\r
12:25 Heating Process & Kneading The Gum\r
19:59 Removing The Gum\r
20:43 Kneading, Molding, Cutting & Wrapping The Gum\r
26:39 The Final Product & Tasting The Gum\r
28:28 Final Thoughts\r
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Lucky Penny Shop is a family-friendly YouTube channel that features videos of kids food maker sets, new & vintage toys and candy from around the world! With 1,000s of videos on our channel, theres something for everyone to enjoy!

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Americas Original Dubble Bubble - Bubble Gum Fory Maker Set, 2002
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