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2006 Easy Bake Oven, Featuring M&Ms Cake Bake Set!

il y a 11 mois7 views



​​​What a cool Easy Bake Oven! Lets take a look at the 2006 Hasbro Easy Bake oven and bake some M&M cakes! \r
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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This was a unique oven compared to other ovens in the Easy Bake Series. This used a heating element like the Real Meal Oven. Baking times are different in this oven compared to ovens with a light bulb. This oven also had a pan pusher and a pan grabber. The pan grabber is also how the pan cools down, unlike the other ovens which had a cooling section built into the oven. It is cool to be able to show everyone these oven through the years. Dont worry!, when we are done with the Easy Bake Ovens, we have a bunch of other ovens.\r
▶▶ Skip Times ◀◀\r
0:14 Introduction/Box Overview\r
1:02 Oven Features & Parts\r
2:22 Easy Bake Oven History Book\r
3:08 M&Ms Recipe Box\r
4:48 Getting Started!\r
7:35 Hand Mixing\r
10:33 Putting Pans In Oven\r
11:06 Melting Chocolate\r
12:13 Removing Cakes\r
14:34 Green Frosting Decorating\r
19:33 Orange Frosting Decorating\r
24:02 Blue Frosting Decorating\r
29:00 Final M&Ms Cakes!\r
29:54 Slideshow\r
▶▶ Product Info ◀◀\r
2006 Easy Bake Oven by Hasbro\r
Easy Bake M&M Cake Set \r
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2006 Easy Bake Oven, Featuring M&Ms Cake Bake Set!
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