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TMNT 2016

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Note to self: when Master Splinter tells you not to leave the lair, dont leave the lair. Also, do not, repeat, do not follow Master Splinter through an interdimensional portal to a nexus between multiple worlds. But, if for some dumb reason you have done all that, whatever you do, dont accidentally enter into the Battle Nexus tournament, a competition of the multiverses most skilled and lethal warriors. And finally, if all that does happen, make sure you dont spend any time in the Pavilion of the Past Champions alone. Trust me on this one. It may just cost you your life.\r
Usagi 1\r
Usagi saves Leo from getting killed\r
Plot Synopsis\r
Open in the Pavilion of Past Champions with Leo about to be shot with a crossbow by one of the Dark Ninja Assassins. The Turtle ducks and begins to fight. Leonardo is knocked down but a stranger comes to his aid and the attackers flee. Introducing himself as Miyamoto Usagi, the Samurai offers the mutant terrapin some familiar advice on being one with his weapon. Before the conversation can continue, the heroic pair are again attacked by the assassins. We fade out with Leo lying directly under one of the assassins blades.\r
As the blade is coming down, Leonardo grabs a helmet resembling Shredders and blocks the attack, fending off his foe. Then the two new acquaintances fight off the assassins who yet again flee. With this, the Gyoji enters and gives Leo his newly repaired swords.\r
Cut to the Pit Arena. Leo arrives and is greeted by the Turtles, Splinter and the Ultimate Ninja. Leonardo explains that hes late due to being attacked in the Hall of Champions. Upon hearing about the ambush, the Ultimate Ninja leaves to investigate.\r
The Daimyo then begins the tournament by using his scepter to lower the ground and create a pit-like arena that walls off the competitors into pairs.\r
The Battle Nexus tournament begins as all competitors begin their attacks. Flash to various fight sequences going on at the same time, including the ones with Splinter and the Turtles.\r
Cut to Dons fight where he is knocked down and disappears, reappearing in a gallery below the Daimyos box. Hes bummed that hes the first Turtle eliminated.\r
The first round fights are completed, with Mike, Leo, Raph, Master Splinter, Usagi, Gen and Traximus winning their initial bouts. The next round begins as a new ring of walls separates the remaining fighters into new pairs.\r
Watching from his private room, the Ultimate Ninja is joined by the three Dark Ninja Assassins who apologize for failing in their mission to kill Leonardo. The Ultimate Ninja admonishes his evil troops and they leave as another large, cloaked figure appears. The hooded being advises the Ultimate Ninja to remain patient, but the Daimyos evil son is tired of waiting. The two talk about the Ultimate Ninjas soon-to-be rise to power and revenge on the Turtles and Splinter.\r
Open with the freshly starting battles. Amongst the eight battles are Leo vs. Usagi, Raph vs. Traximus, and Mike vs. Splinter. As the others fight, Splinter decides that he will back out and let his sons have their own chance at victory. Mike wins the fight by default as Splinter is teleported to a seat next to the Daimyo. As the two fathers talk about the difficulties of parenthood, we see the Ultimate Ninja in his room handing a note to a guard. Continuing to talk, Splinter learns that Leo is facing off with the same Usagi who helped him fight Drako years back. The guard then comes in with the note and the Daimyo excuses himself.\r
Cut to Raphs fight where he narrowly defeats Traximus. Then to Leos skirmish with Usagi thats still in progress. As their battle continues, we see the Ultimate Ninja pull out a blowgun and fire a dart at Leo. Leonardo is hit in the shoulder and he collapses, poisoned.\r
Cut to the Bazaar where Traximus and Raph are seated and sharing a drink. Traximus explains how the Turtles ions against the Triceratons offered him and some other gladiators the distrion they needed to escape. Traximus has come to the BattleNexus to recruit warriors to help him overthrow the corrupt Triceraton Prime Leader and end the useless war against the Federation. Traximus notes that the BattleNexus itself is no stranger to corruption, as a rodent assassin has attacked the Daimyo. Upon hearing this news, Raph concludes that his Sensei has been framed and decides to bust Splinter out of the dungeon. Traximus offers to help.\r
Cut to the Healers Pavilion where two Dark Ninja Assassins enter and take out the guards and the Healer. They then move into Leos room where Don and Usagi are nowhere to be seen. The evil duo take Leonardos swords and plot to kill the Daimyo and frame Leo at the same time.\r
Open with the assassins about to

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TMNT 2016
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