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Age of Mythology PRO Match Magyar VS Soup Ghostlake

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Age of Mythology the Titans ESO match from back in the good old days. Some nostalgia ion. Magyar vs Soup\r
In the game itself we forgot to mention this guy is Soupe a RTS-sanctuary expert. So this game is between two legendary experts!\r
Soupe known for his super creative playstyle with early ups and aggresion vs Magyar who is known for his 1 tc hardcore aggresion play where he just rushes every game takes map control and transfers beautifully into a boom. So this is a pure skill match up. Hope ya guys enjoy it. - Mr toodles.\r
Commentary by KeeN Flame & KeeN Raku\r
Map: Ghostlake. where good ish happens. \r
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If you got some questions feel free, murica, to drop a comment in the comment section down below.\r
This video was created under Microsofts Game Content Usage Rules using assets from Age of Mythology: The Titans, © Microsoft Corporation. Game Content Usage Rules:

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Age of Mythology PRO Match Magyar VS Soup Ghostlake
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