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Hubert's Brain

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Hubert's Brain
- by Phil Robinson.

Publication date 2001
Topics Animation Screening Room 2001
Publisher Wild Brain, Inc.
Cornered by a bully on a class trip to the natural history museum, Hubert Stinkler, gets locked into a laboratory where he literally stumbles onto a talking brain in a jar and gets mixed up in a bizarre tale of vivisection and mayhem.Hubert's Brain is a twisted buddy movie between a boy and a brain. Each will go to great lengths to prove the values of friendship.The story gives new meaning to the phrase ''everybody needs some...body.''Hubert's Brain was modeled, animated and rendered in Maya from Alias/Wavefront and composited using Shake from Nothing Real.
Wild Brain, Inc.

Contact Information ninar@wildbrain.com
2650 18th Street
2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94110
United States
Fax: 415-553-8009

Director Phil Robinson
Identifier HubertsB2001
Numeric_id 2261
Proddate 2001
Run time 0:01:15
Type MovingImage

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Hubert's Brain
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