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Justin Timberlake To Perform At Super Bowl 52

Splash News TV
Splash News TV
Justin Timberlake is bringing sexy back to the Super Bowl!
There had been rumors for months but now it’s official, Justin will be performing during the half-time show of the 52nd Super Bowl on February 4th, 2018.
But will Janet Jackson be making a surprise appearance?
Way back in 2004, Justin appeared on stage at Super Bowl 38 and despite the New England Patriots winning that game, everyone remembers “Nipple-gate,” the moment Justin “ripped off” Janet’s breast plate exposing her nipple to the world.
Which lead to years of controversy, a life-time Super Bowl ban for Jackson, and a $550,000 fine for CBS by the FCC which CBS challenged in court and eventually won 7 years later.
So it looks like all is forgiven for Justin and this will be his third time performing but we can’t help but think of the double standard here.
Fingers crossed he sneaks Janet on stage or the very least performs one of her songs.
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